The truth about Chia Seeds

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What’s the next best thing after water? Chia Seeds!
And you know what’s even better? Chia Seeds with water!

Maybe you came here a little bit skeptic, after reading so much about these seeds that make wonders, it’s never easy to know which direction to go when it’s about new stuff. Now, in the next few minutes I’m going to brush away that skeptic frown – which is just giving you more wrinkles, you don’t want wrinkles…right?

Here’s what chia seeds can do to you, watch out!

  • Good protein source;
  • Great source of fibers;
  • Supports digestion;
  • Naturally filling;
  • Gives you energy;
  • Versatile and easy to use;
  • Great in recipes (Pssst, here a little secret…chia gel can replace butter and egg in recipes!).

And if that’s not enough, remember that chia seeds have:

  • as much calcium as a glass of milk;
  • more Omega-3s than a serving of walnuts;
  • as many antioxidants as blueberries.

There are many ways to consume chia seeds, all are effective and will give you instant benefits. You might need a week to actually notice all the good that they are doing to you but, trust me, it’s worth the wait.


My suggestions:

  • One tablespoon in a big glass of water, every day.
  • A full teaspoon in your afternoon tea and you are good to go!
  • Chia Gel: 1 part of chia seeds and 9 of water. Keep it in the fridge, you can add it to anything without changing the taste.


You see? I knew it. That frown is gone! I guess you are ready to get a healthier version of Life 2.0! Below you find a link to the best chia seeds in town. It’s a 32 ounces package which is optimal for a first test – give it a try!

>Healthworks – Pesticide and Chemical-Free! 32 Ounce<

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I’ll be happy to hear your opinion and experiences with chia seeds, leave a comment below! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, let them know how more awesome life can be with the help of chia seeds!


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