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Hello Loves ♥ !

I decided to use my blog to report my steps into the journey I just took part. It’s a bit peculiar yet really easy and if you want to tag along, know that there’s a lot of space in this wagon!

I just embarked in my 30’s and at first it was scary. I know numbers are just numbers and they don’t define who we are but I started to question myself, who I am and what I was doing with whichever time I had left – might be a lot or not so much, either way it’s a limited time.
What kind of scent should the rest of my life have? When I’ll be 70 – let’s say 80, shall we? – I want to think back and smell a sweet and spicy perfume that will unravel hundreds of memories and will make me smile.

I am now sitting at my PC surrounded by a dim candle light, sipping on my Earl Grey tea and I just can’t stop patting and congratulating myself for being into this little moment, this ‘me moment’ that I hope will create a greater picture and that I never thought I could see myself, let alone actually being in it.
I know candle light and tea sounds a bit cheesy and might not fit to everyone but for me these are little symbols, a signal that I’m trying to do something good and productive – writing on my blog – while creating the best inspirational environment.

For weeks, oh who am I kidding…for months I neglected this blog and without any real reason I thought this would turn into another failed project. Because, you know, you fail once you quit. Well, I’m here so it’s not a fail!
Now that I’m here, I realize how stupid I was trying to push away this project. Simply because when I’m on it, it makes me happy.

In my next posts I’ll explain you what helped me to pick up habits and stick with them. But that’s not all, because while sticking with a few habits, I learned some tricks that worked for other more sporadic tasks. In the last weeks I created my morning routine, which is still expanding and improving. I also embraced a more vegan eating life style – not because it’s trending but because I felt the need, I’ll explain it on another post.

If you feel lost and don’t know where’s your place in this big world, just look inside you and question yourself. The answers might amaze you, just be honest with yourself.

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