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As I’m trying to slip into this weekend with a more open mind, I noticed how easily I can change my mind on the tasks I’m trying to complete. It’s super easy for me to hang on bad thoughts and negative points of view but it feels incredibly energy draining to create a positive mindset.
After wondering for a while why negative thoughts have always the best endurance, I understood that the whole thing spins around habits. I’m used to hang on bad thoughts and I’m used to swoosh away as soon as possible all the positive ones. By default, it’s not easier, it’s just that I’m more used to side with the bad ones, they feel more right – that’s ironic, I know, but I can’t find a better explanation.
This vicious circle can’t possibly stop until I prove to myself that positive thinking can bring me on another level, a brighter and happier one. If only I wouldn’t give up on it. It’s easy to make a new day resolution “Today I’m gonna smile and be self confident more than ever!” the hard part is sticking to it, day after day, even after negative events slapping you, twice.

You get used to things when you keep encountering situations where these things are presented. They might be forced at the start, like when you meet someone for the first time you try to show that you are at ease but inside you wonder if the person likes you, if you’ve something between your teeth or why is he looking so weird at you after saying you live with 31 cats?
After meeting the same person a few times more, you’ll be less and less insecure and you’ll enjoy more the conversation.
The same goes when you have to use a new tool, let’s say a new printer – it won’t look weird at you of you say that you live with 31 cats…I’d not suggest to talk with a printer, but your decision! – the first times it can be very frustrating, new functions, buttons to learn and this WiFi thing just doesn’t connect. After 2 weeks you’ll probably be a master in using it and won’t even think how hard it was using it at the start.

Habits. Habits make everything more easy and the secret is in starting small, with really small tiny steps.
For the past month I’ve been using The Fabulous app, it’s starts simple and gets right to the point. You’ll receive letters from time to time and it gives you clear and deep explanations about your current task – and the graphic is just lovely!


Here’s their website, it doesn’t give you much info because all you have to do is download the app and try it. Once you’ve the app, you’ll get plenty of explanations and advises. Just make sure to stick to it long enough to see the first results, I’d say around 2 weeks and if the morning routine is not something for you yet, you can switch journey and select another one from the list.

The basic morning routine includes:

  • Drink water
  • Have a healthy breakfast
  • Exercise – 10 minutes
  • Celebrate

In the next post I’ll introduce my morning routine, I’ll show you my ideas for breakfast, what I do as exercise and how I celebrate!

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