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We all know that radically changing a habit in our life is not an easy task, especially if this habit is something imbued in our life since so long that we can’t really imagine erasing it from our days. Forever. Sometimes changes are good and sometimes, radical changes are what we need to find ourselves and what we truly want, need, are.

Becoming vegan is something that turned into a trend instead of a life choice based on specific reasons and morals. Luckily, there are still many that choose to go vegan for the right reasons and not because it’s trending. By “right reasons” I really mean anything that is not related to be “in” and “cool”, I can’t think of any other reason why going vegan is wrong (if you can think of any, please list them below so we can discuss about them).

I had three specific reasons why I decided to go vegan:

  • Compassion
  • Health
  • Environment care

I will not go too deep into these 3 points because you can find info about them all over the internet and in the end, you decide what to believe. Even if there are scientific studies, you still have to choose to believe them because anything can be seen on another side and unfortunately, many studies are false.


I can’t possibly stay apathetic while thinking about an animal being slaughtered so I can be fed with it.
It “transforms” into a nice smooth and shapeless steak and everything that happened before it’s forgotten. That’s how I used to react – which would include action on my side but it was literally a brainless process.
After documenting myself I decided to stop and think. Am I ok with all this? It’s not only about an animal getting killed because I understand that it happens all the time for all kind of reasons, it happens to humans too – that doesn’t make it any less sad, for both.
The main problem is the cruelty behind it, the system. And I don’t want to be part of it.


I decided to believe on those scientific studies were it’s shown that animal produce can harm your health. Starting from cow milk, which is supposed to be used to feed a sweet and little calf so it can grow and become strong. Maybe I should talk about cows getting impregnated (can I say rape? Oh no wait, that’s only for humans, right) over and over again but that’s material for the ‘Compassion’ topic and here we are talking about my health, which is more important that any other living being – please note the sarcastic tone.

Leaving the sarcastic and moral tone aside, since a few months I had this sickening feeling while thinking and then eating meat. Like you know, when you had too much of something and you feel a bit nauseous and just thinking about it recalls that feeling. I thought it was just a moment that will pass, because I get bored of things pretty easily and sometimes it happens with certain foods too but usually after a couple of months I can eat them again without any problems. This didn’t happen with meat so I felt like it was time to change the cards on the table.
All the rest came along, naturally. I informed myself, I made lots of research and as you might already know, it’s basically impossible to be sure 100% that what you are reading is true or right because a few results further ahead you’ll read exactly the opposite of what you’ve been reading till now. So, who should I believe? Where should I put my little coin and hope it will not get flushed in a transaction for a ticket to Bali?
In the end, all I could do is think and rely on my brain, my moral,my guts and my heart.


It would take a really long post to talk just about this. There are so many reasons why animal farming is harming the planet. At the top of the list I’d say there’s the water usage and the emission of toxic gasses and I found a nice website that sums up many if not all the reasons I find essential in order to understand the impact that a simple thing like eating meat has on the entire world, check it out.
Even if you don’t plan to become vegan and you think it’s just not for you, please take 5 minutes of your time and read the info you find on the linked website.
If you don’t care about animals getting killed maybe you do care about your planet getting ravaged. I know life is all about priorities, so let’s get them straight, shall we?

It was not easy to put in words my decision and changes in what I believe or what I think is right. There are many other things I could say about this topic and I’ll try to lay them down in the next posts, however I’ll probably discover even more during my journey so bare with me if you’ll find contradictory thoughts in the later posts.

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2 thoughts on “Being vegan: my reasons – Follow me!

  1. What we would need are independent scientists and companies telling us without any lies how it is! is milk now baby cow growth fluid that breaks our bones or is it yummy and gives us lots of calcium?
    Will the Ocean be dead by 2030? Will cow poop ruin our lifes?

    1. I agree and I hope that more and more people will start to question all the lies we got told in the last century. Let’s hang in there in the meantime and rely on our consciousness!

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