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Hello Loves β™₯!
I can’t believe it’s already one month since I decided to radically change my eating habits. Yesterday, I sat down and gathered all my ideas about this journey so far and I gladly noticed that I’m fully pleased on how it turned out, no down sides or any negative discovery!
I tried to make a summary list of the main consequences that I wanted to underline, I wonder if anyone out there had the same effects as me after deciding to go vegan.


It’s probably no secret on what foods are vegan and which ones are not but to actually create a yummy and flavory dish takes a bit more than a basic knowledge on food. In some cases I was able to lean on my old recipes with some twitches but for the most part a restart was necessary. Pinterest is the most complete and quick source for new recipes and I found some great blogs that I always go back and check what’s new, nearly on daily basis.
Seitan is my motor and Feeding your beauty are the ones I like the most so far, Finding Vegan is another quick source like Pinterest but it’s completely only for vegan recipes!


New recipes thus new meals! I think we all settle down after a while, we often bring somehow the same dishes on the table, maybe because they are simply our favorite or we just don’t know what else to cook so we choose to stay within our comfort zone, we know what to expect from that dish and we know exactly how we want it.
However, with a radical change as a vegan eating style, I was forced to rethink about my meals. All consequences were happily welcomed, new flavors and new ingredients lured me in the kitchen and allowed me to enjoy more the process of preparing a dish – together with my personal chef β™₯ .


Our cupboard started to host new ingredients, many of them I didn’t even knew the existence and it’s an awful pity! Some ingredients were introduced as replacement, mostly tofu (which I knew before but never tried) but many other ingredients were falling into place naturally, to give more taste to the dish, to enrich it and pack it with nutrients.
I’ll gather some of these ingredients in one of the next posts so stay tuned!


Yup, becoming vegan makes you smart. There’s an active search of what is best to eat, why and how. Reading labels is necessary to avoid diary or eggs and while searching for those, you notice how often “Sugar” or “Oil” is the first ingredient listed – and when I read Palm Oil hatred burns in my guts – am I right, buddies?
Take 5 minutes and read about palm oil on , you can also take action!
This is an advice that everyone should follow, vegan or not vegan, please read food labels ALWAYS and understand what you are putting in your body.


Last but not least, fibers! With a plant based nutrition, the fiber intake has automatically raised. A good fiber intake keeps you regular, it lowers cholesterol and blood glucose levels and helps you to feel full longer.

I’m eager to know your opinion about being vegan and if you are already, what pushed you to become vegan?
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10 thoughts on “Being vegan: my experience after 1 month – Follow me!

  1. Felicitations! Fair Princess Alessia.

    Reading this has made my day. It’s wonderful to see such an upbeat post from you.

    This attitude change has been evident to me for weeks. And I did wonder about whether or not there would be posts.

    πŸ‘πŸ» Your advice and content is spot on! I love the new title, and format. Mind you I am having difficulty reading the pale text against the white background. You may want to consider making more contrast between the two.

    Lady Terri of Baratheon

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lady Terri β™₯! Every little detail helped me to get a better attitude towards my days and, even if I’ve lots to learn, I knew I’m in a better place now!
      I’m not sure why you see the text pale, I see it dark grey. If you can send me a screenshot I’ll see what can be done about that!

  2. Good for you, you have a plan and it is working. I am so glad that you are part of the sole mates walking group and I know that you are staying focused with your activity. I try to read your diary but really don’t understand very much but I do see the numbers and they look good. Congratulations of the lifestyle change and wish you continued success in this journey, glad to be a part of it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Debbie! It means a lot to me πŸ™‚
      The sole mates walking group has been a great help in these last 13th days, I raised my average steps by at least 3 times!

  3. Well. I didn’t go cold turkey. I was “meat reducer” for some time, then roughly a year ovo-lacto-veg and since a few months vegan. My SO is vegan for over a year though so at home I’ve been eating “mostly” vegan for longer.

    The point when I realized how horrible dairy is was after my daughter was born. Somehow seeing your child being breastfed and realizing 1) how horrible it would be if she would be taken away, 2) that procedure is repeated many times, 3) how weird it is to drink that liquid of a cow… well. I just cut dairy and eggs which was not really a problem. I also don’t get the feeling of missing anything because it’s just not food anymore.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with us! Much appreciated and it’s so sweet that your daughter *widened* your eyes – and not only because she is probably a cutie!

  4. I just started a vegan lifestyle a week ago, how little no until you started feeling and looking great? I know it can help with weight loss and acne too (which I’m hoping for)

    1. Hello Cassie!
      I started to feel much better after 1 and half week I’d say. I can’t really describe it well, but I felt “lighter” as a weight came off overnight.
      Becoming vegan can help with weight loss but be careful of your carb intake. And I guess acne will automatically get better if you eat more clean and you’ll nourish your body better. Just stay away from processed food as much as you can!
      You made a wonderful choice, it will all pay off β™₯

  5. Hi, I was vegetarian from the age of 16, when I turned 40 I decided to go vegan. My biggest problem was that I hadn’t realised how many foods had things like dried milk in it. It really took a lot of research! Eating out became really awkward as many restaurants or cafΓ©s did not have anything vegan and wouldn’t cater for me. Attitudes really started to annoy me. it’s getting easier now 4 years on πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Frances! Thank you for leaving a comment – love it β™₯
      I’ve seen many more vegan options popped out even in just the last few months so it’s really booming and I can’t really be more happy about that.
      I’m sure years ago was not an easy choice and as you said, dried milk and eggs are stuffed in so many things, shocking!
      Glad that everything is a bit more easy for you in the last years, it makes your choice less stressful and you can live better 😊

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