The fear of being active

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I participate to win.

Hello Loves ♥ !
How’s life going? Autumn is here, so lovely with the typical warm colors but it’s starting to get chilly, isn’t it?
We are all there, cozy under our blankie with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand, trying to make some great new month’s resolutions…maybe to get into fitness or, let’s say…*sips on chocolate* start eating healthy. I mean, c’mon…how’s that gonna work?!

Petition proposal: New year’s Eve on the 21st March!


Yeah alright, we can let it be like this. Fine.

My point is that it’s already hard to commit to something, be it a habit or anything else, and if we are going to start under a disadvantaged circumstance then it’s going to be a tough task.

*So what would be your advice, Ms.I want to change the whole calendar?*

I actually don’t have any. It’s so damn hard to stay motivated, we all know it, but to find the motivation in first place, it takes your whole soul, a full deep breath – or maybe a couple of dozens – and some contortionist skill so you can kick yourself in the butt and get moving!
There’s always one specific detail that always puts me in doubt, doesn’t matter what I want to accomplish or which goal I’ve set, that thought always pops up and makes me falter: what if I don’t go till the end?
It’s not even the thought of failing, I’m not talking about getting a bad grade in a math quiz. I’m talking about sitting there, start the quiz and then drop the pen, then stare at the page. Keep staring. After a while the pen looks so damn far away and the questions on the quiz seem written in a foreign language *yeah, that’s math!* . Then you start to question yourself, can I actually do these things? Am I even able to solve this problem? Was I EVER able to solve it?

The whole structure starts to crumble, ashes to the wind.

Oh, I know what you are thinking there “But if you don’t start, you will never know”.
I agree, that’s actually the only reason why I keep doing things anyway, even if I’m so afraid to drop the pen and if it happens, I really hope I’ll be able to catch it before it hits the floor and starts to roll away from me.

Keep trying, just go for it. Give your best because that’s all you’ve got to take care of: your best.

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