This is why you must lose weight

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So, my friends, I’ll be bold and sincere in this post so bare with me if I sound a bit different but I’m here to speak the truth…Let’s do this.

Why do you allow yourself to hurt your body? Losing weight might actually save your life.


You know, being overweight can cause so many bad things, starting from diabetes, heart diseases, joint pain, cancer and tumors…do I have to go on? Sounds already enough for me but trust me, that’s not even a small part of what are the consequences of being overweight. Once you start to lose weight, you can actually revert many if not all these symptoms.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes and experienced with my own body. Being overweight sucks.
It makes you struggle, it makes you doubt of yourself, of who you are and how much you are worth. It makes you sick and blind (sometimes, literally).

I know, there are many reasons why someone can become overweight, food might be just a consequence (binge eating due to stress, for example) but it’s also something we can choose. You always have the possibility to choose what you are going to shove in your mouth.
You can also be overweight without having too many pounds – the so called skinny fat.
Bad food choices are one of the first reasons why people get sick. Processed food is killing you slowly and you know what’s the worse part about it? Is that you know it. Even the so called “light foods” can actually make you gaining weight, instead of what you need – lose weight (or fat, cause that’s what you actually need to lose).

Oh yeah, I know you like that greasy food, or the quick one, the one you get ready to shove in your mouth so fast that when you are done taking the last bite you wonder how did it go so fast? Where’s the food I was just holding?

 stop eating fast food to lose weight
eating junk food causes weight gain – stop eating fast food to lose weight

But you like it, hmmm it’s so yummy and it even makes you happy. Actually, you would like some more and when you are having a bad moment you strive for it. Maybe after a long day, after a bad argument with your partner or a bad job meeting. You know what else does that? Drugs, alcohol. Everything that makes you addicted pushes you to behave like a non brained. They are fake friends.

Fake friends, those people that smile and compliment you but by the time you step away, they are ready to talk (pardon my french) shit about you. And what do you do with fake friends? Do you let them keep talking bad about you or do you cut the rope and everyone is off on their own way?


Right, you cut the rope. They are not worth your time, nor your heart. So why do you allow bad foods and a bad life style to mock you? Aren’t you worth of care, love and nourishment?

Of course you are!

Why do you keep getting fooled by a feeling that vanishes after 10 minutes – and I’m exaggerating, because most of the times it takes a few seconds-. Why do you allow food to rule your days instead of using it as support?  Food gives you strength, it gives you nutrients and keeps your body working properly. It doesn’t clog your veins, it doesn’t smash your joints and it sure doesn’t wrap your internal organs in fat.

So, my friends, if you are overweight…please, do all you can to undo it. Find the right lifestyle for you, a nice diet that nourishes your body and helps you to lose weight. Do it for yourself, because you are worth it, because you deserve a happy and healthy life without being worried that your weight might bring you diseases. We already have so many worries, why not working to lower the problems where we can? Where it’s us that can decide!

love-yourself by losing weight

Let the destiny be destiny but damn, it’s going to be the color that I want, no one else is going to decide that.

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