10 Golden rules for Vegans

golden rules for vegans - vegan lifestyle
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I’ve been doing a lot of research lately, more than I ever did when I just started my journey to a healthier life – which lead to my choice of becoming vegan.
I’ve seen many forum posts, blogs and websites where they were listing tips and tricks on how to find your way in a vegan life style, how to deal with food replacements (and loss!) and also how to talk with the people around you that noticed your recent decision – let me say, remarkable decision.

I found a great article on an Italian magazine, it amazed me how it was fitting so well with how I ended up thinking and how I embraced the vegan life and so I thought I should make this post hoping to inspire you or to help you relax a bit, because I know becoming vegan can be overwhelming at the start.

Some rules might not apply for everyone, and that is just fine.

Embrace the different and let it inspire you!


1. A happy choice

Happiness and love for life. In order to have a positive effect on you, you need to be convinced of your choice and don’t live it as an obligation.
It’s a decision that makes your psycho-physical status better, it’s not a sacrifice.
Giving up on all animal products doesn’t only mean to ditch some foods but it also means to discover new dishes to bring on your table, twitching those old meals into a vegan option.
A vegan choice is not only just about food but embraces other sides of life. In fact, every decision should be taken starting from the respect for life and our planet.

2. Respect before anything

When you take a decision, usually you do it believing it’s the right one. That’s what happens when you decide to become vegan but this should not raise walls against someone that doesn’t think like you.
That’s why you should not condemn vegetarians nor who just limits animal products and same goes for omnivores.
Instead, respect each other and appreciate who offers alternatives, like restaurants and shops.

3. Always informed

Becoming vegan is healthy as long as you know how to nourish your body.
Who decides to give up on animal products might run into some risks, like gaining weight because of the high carb intake (let’s talk more about this on another post, shall we?). To know the principles of a correct vegan diet, you need to inform yourself, read professional advises and don’t lean on the first website you find online. Go deeper.
You can also seek help of a nutritionist that will advise you the best diet based on your physical and health conditions.

4. Listen to yourself

When the moment to become vegan arrives, you just feel it inside. It doesn’t have to be a shocking video where they show you the cruelty used on animals that end on our table.
Often, in fact, it’s a transition in levels. For example, starting to eat meat only once a week, then becoming vegetarian and in the end giving up on all animal products.
It’s necessary that everyone follows their own rhythm with no pressure.

5. Your own choice

Becoming vegan it’s a choice that comes from the bottom of your soul and doesn’t have to be influence by anyone.
You should not be held back by people close to you or medical specialists. There are actually many professionals that, after realizing that there are no risks for your health, they too give up on animal products. Limiting or avoiding meat, for example, can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases (if you want to know more, check out this article)

6. Read the labels

Not just on food packages but also clothing and beauty products. Labels are the business card of the product and it’s the main tool to know the characteristics (don’t know how to read food labels? Check this article).
Vegan is not a synonym of healthy. Actually, some ready made vegan foods have much more fats than the same homemade dish (and also chemicals or too much salt!).

7. Not only for the rich

Saying that only the wealthy can afford a vegan diet is just a myth. Just think about your grandparents that, even with a worse financial situation than us, had a diet that called for an extremely low meat amount.
If you plan good enough, you’ll spend just a few bucks to prepare a meal for the entire family. Legumes have a crucial role in a vegan diet and are also cheap.

Check out this blog post from ilovevegan, great guide that explains all you need to know about a vegan diet on a budget!

8. Create and experiment

Finding your way in a vegan kitchen can bring a lot of creativity and give life to new recipes.
It’s incredible how some vegan cakes are yummy and it seems impossible to think that they are done without eggs or milk!
You can experiment a bit to find flavors that can satisfy your taste, try tons of opportunities. If you don’t fancy soy milk, you can give a try to rice or oats milk (my favorite!) – you can do the same with many other foods.
Stay tuned for a post about all the foods I’ve discovered in these last weeks, you’ll be amazed!

9. Think of the environment

Who decides to become vegan has a special care for life and living beings. However, living beings don’t get protected only by not eating animal products but, under every aspect, by warding the planet with righteous behavior, for example trying to pollute as less as possible. Polluted air, for example, can cause health problems to animals too.

10. Daily commitment

It’s about many small ethical gestures that will lead to a better future for our planet.
Planet resources are not infinite and it’s by not wasting them that we can grant a better future for our children. If you are still not sure about this decision, give it a second thought.

To conclude this post, I wanted to also share this video with you. It’s a 1 minute video but it includes the most important reasons why cutting meat can save our planet. Check it out!

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10 thoughts on “10 Golden rules for Vegans

  1. I really enjoyed your post. Especially the part about how becoming vegan is a decision from the soul. I’m glad you are inspiring others to this wonderful journey.

  2. I was uncomfortable about eating meat for a while but it was the health aspect that guided me to become a vegan. Not an easy journey but such a worthwhile one.

    I am the only one in my group and it is so funny because I have achieved a kind of ‘guru’ position but I never preach about it.

    1. You made a remarkable choice, I’m sure you feel proud of yourself and maybe a few will follow with the time – let’s hope so! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes and that’s unfortunate, but we can change things even if just a little, it can make a big difference. The change starts with us β™₯

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