Fitness routine: Every little counts

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Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to share with you how I tackled one of the most feared topics: being active. Creating your own fitness routine might be the answer to all your problems – well, at least a few.
You might have seen around my banner, I mention “since 2015” that is because before that I was what people normally call a couch potato. When I first started to trying being active, I was barely able to walk 20 minutes without feeling pain in my shin splints, it was horrible and discouraging.
I remember one day when I decided to go walk on my own, I started crying because I felt miserable. I just couldn’t believe in what situation I’ve put myself and I was just 29. How could I do that to myself? How could I reach the point where I could barely take a slow walk of few minutes?

Luckily I had my boyfriend supporting and caring for me, I understand that not everyone have this luck but in the end, it was me deciding to go on. I could have drop that at any time and he would have not been able to do anything about it. But I didn’t. I didn’t give up!

So what I would like to achieve with this post is reminding myself where I’ve started and share with you the little steps I took to arrive where I am today – which is a much more comfortable place.

Create your own fitness routine in 5 steps

1. Stretch

While figuring out which fitness routine fits better your life-style, you’ll learn that stretching is an important part of a workout. Never start one without warming up and never end it without a cool down, it could cause serious injuries and you really don’t want that.
But stretching can be more than that. You can start your morning with a great stretching session, it will wake up your body and energize you! Together with a good balanced breakfast, it can greatly improve how you’ll start your day.
This is my favorite routine so far:

fitness routine stretching stretches

Here you can find the full explanation on how to perform these stretches in all safety so you can fully enjoy them.

2. Yoga

I was really skeptical about Yoga…till I tried it!
The first times were tough,well actually it can still be tough but while at first I was discouraged, I learned that if you are not able to do something it doesn’t mean you failed. It means you can get better and you will, as long as you don’t give up.

Right now, I’m on a 26 day streak of yoga, I didn’t always play one of the videos in the playlist (I’ll link it below, check it out!) cause sometimes I just needed something different than what was proposed for the current day.
I am proud for showing up on the mat every morning, it’s been a journey and I noticed how my thoughts changed through out the weeks. I’m more confident and I accept myself, being in the moment and taking time for me.

Here’s my current Yoga routine, Adriene is such a caring and happy making person, I’m sure you’ll love her too!
30 days of Yoga – with Adriene make sure to check out her other videos because she has so many for any kind of situation and they are all awesome.

My favorite pose is the pigeon pose (I can’t quite grab my feet so much but I’m making my way there!)
pigeon pose yoga stretch

The pose that frees me the most is cat cow especially together with the lion’s breath

cat cow yoga pose stretch

And last but not least, my current “challenge” is the crow pose!

crow pose yoga stretch

Ok, I might have some hidden love for gifs, I could go on but ok I stop here. What’s your favorite pose? And which one challenges you the most?

3. Get your steps in!

Walk or run. If you’d like to start running, I’d suggest some program that helps you build up your strength and endurance. For example walk 1 minute and jog 30 seconds and go up from there.
Friends suggested me this app, if you like The Walking Dead or anything related to zombie then it might really be the trick for you and help you start running.

I personally enjoy hikes so I take advantage of sunny days to go out and explore!
I’m currently staying at my mom’s place for a while and we are lucky to have beautiful nature and gorgeous mountains right next to us. Here’s a pic of my last hike, I was together with this little cute brat.

hike mountains italy

Right now I’m enjoying my mom’s treadmill and I’m glad she has one because the weather has been a bit wonky lately.

When you go on a treadmill for the first time, start at your own pace and raise speed every 5 minutes (I go up 0.2km/h but you can do less or more) for the first 20 minutes.
If you stay a lot at home, then you might want to do it like me: 30 minutes on the afternoon  (or if you dare, mornings – I’m not a morning person and I prefer Yoga in the early hours) and 30 minutes on the evening.

4. Body-weight training

I like the workouts on, you can find any kind of routine so you can’t possibly get bored!
If you prefer videos, fitnessblender has some great options both with or without equipment.
If you’d like to go freestyle and create your own routine, search for a list of exercises and see how to perform them properly. Go with 10 repetitions with 2 sets. Add one rep every session till you can add another set, you’ll see results in no time!
My favorite ones are:

Donkey kicks
donkey kicks fitness routine


superman fitness routine


squat workout fitness routine

Leave a comment below and tell me which exercise is your favorite!

5. Try something new – step out of your comfort zone!

Stepping out of your comfort zone will show you that you are more than just “that”. Never stop defining yourself because you are in constant change.
What worked last week might not work this week and vice-versa.
If you didn’t like something, give it some time and try again – you might be surprised!

I hope that I’ve inspired you to stand up and get active, creating your own fitness routine can improve many sides of your life. I promise that you’ll feel better soon – don’t give up, you are doing great!

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      Age is such an irrelevant number when it comes to Yoga (and many other things). I hope it becomes even more popular!

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