Why not vegan? An omnivore’s point of view

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Those who have been following me for a bit know that I recently embraced a plant-based diet, which you might call veganism or whatever you want. I just don’t eat meat and ditch any kind of animal product as much as I can. (Note: Perfect is the enemy of good)
In one of my last posts I was talking about my transition, why I made this choice and all around that but after sinking a little bit more into this life style and joining a few vegan groups I sort of detached from how I was thinking before this change. Like it was a really far version of me, one that I didn’t recognize anymore and cause of that I was not able to remember my vision of back then or at least, it’s all a bit blurry.

After reading a bit around, I see that many people that became vegan don’t understand omnivores’ point of view anymore. Some are even mean with them, which I find really hypocrite – you were one of them not that long ago, please step down from your pedestal of perfection, won’t you?
I know, I know…it’s the internet and here everyone throws their opinion out, they are free to do so but I’d like to see veganism as a form of love for everyone, be sensitive towards who sees things different than us and helping them understanding why our choice can truly benefit everyone and why we are not the crazy ones!

So I thought I should ask help to my boyfriend, which is currently stepping back and forth from one side to the other and can’t really keep a solid decision, at least not yet.
I’ve gathered a few questions hoping to have a more clear vision of his point of view. And it did work. I can understand him better and I hope that this will help others to be more kind to those that didn’t yet had the push to take the big jump on our side (I call it ours but it’s for everyone’s, so…feel free to join!)

why not vegan - omnivore point of view

What were your thoughts about eating animals a few months ago?
What should i say? It was normal for me to have some meat in every dish. I didn’t really thought about it.

How did it change with the time?
It didn’t! it changed with a few movies I watched with my girlfriend: Cowspiracy, Fat sick and nearly dead, the sugar film…not that they influenced me into thinking vegan all of a sudden, more like they let me think about everything.
Now I am thinking that it’s suicidal to go on as I did, for my health, for the world..

What affected you the most in your eating decisions?
Probably my family, all proud German meat eaters! A dish without meat was always considered not filling, that’s how I was raised.

What do you think when you’ve to decide between eating meat and a vegan alternative?
The real thing or something to replace it..Good or evil! Yummy or less yummy…on the other side I’m thinking to always choose the vegan dish and to not give in to the behavior, the habits I had for 28 years.

What kind of feelings do you have when, in the end, you give in and choose animal products?
I applause myself (sarcastic ). I know it’s wrong but it’s so easy to give in just because I am used to do it. Thoughts like “how can it be so baaaaad?” make the thing more easy to swallow.
I know I should have eaten something better than that, something that doesn’t let me feel guilty but it’s hard to change habits for me.

Do you think there’s anything that could help you make better choices?
If others don’t look at me like I am crazy, if the vegan alternatives would get a little cheaper. A little more confidence that what I am doing is changing something somewhere, since just for myself it seems not worth it most of the times.

If there could be one thing that is not an animal product, what would you wish for?
Salami 😆

If, by any chance, you’ll embrace a vegan life – or at least as much as possible free from animal products – would you be ashamed to be called vegan?
Nope, would be more of a honor.

How do you think your choices, both vegan and not vegan, affect the world?
Vegan: Not at all, we are rotten and dumb. To convince the others we would have to think about new ways.
Not vegan: Well, my body and the world are slowly dying and i am part of it..*applause* (sarcastic)


And here we are, I hope this short interview helped you understand someone else’s point, someone that is aware of the cruelty and all the negative effects of eating animal products but can’t yet change his eating habits. Someone that is trying to be a better human but is not yet to the “next level”.
However, he is trying and that’s what matters here. There’s no indifference in his words but there’s a message that everyone, vegan or not vegan, should embrace.

Change. Something is changing and if you want to help, then use your kindness, the same that you show when talking about animals and their rights.
Keep in mind that being rude, bossy or insulting someone won’t do any good – probably exactly the opposite.

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