About me


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Hello and thank you for stopping by, I hope you can find my blog inspiring and pretty – we all like pretty things, don’t we?

I’m Alexis, just stumbled in my 30s, I’m Italian but currently living in Germany.
I loved writing since I was little, I was actually getting really good grades in all my texts and teachers always praised my writing. But then, life gets in the way and different choices are made, which leads us to discover new things, new paths…and so my writing skills got locked in that little dusty drawer. I actually forgot about them and focused on something completely different.

Fast forward to 2015, I picked up writing again and started writing my own personal blog. It was about my journey with losing weight and slipping into fitness. Even though English is not my first language, I think I was able to let my readers understand what I was going through, probably because they were going through the same feelings, experiences and struggles – especially struggles.


Now I’m here, with my very first self hosted blog and it’s all again a new world, exciting!

My goal at healthysmartprincess.com is to gather ideas, possibilities, new point of views without losing what I think are two most important characteristics in a person: be healthy and smart.

Oh, and the sparkle! Let’s not forget the sparkle and the magic, so don’t worry because it will never be boring here!

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